Thursday, June 30, 2011

La jornada de la mochila roja y negra comienza...

La mochila roja y negra

The packing begins today....ahhh!  So much to think about!  This morning I made a list, read through some emails from friends and my travel planner for suggestions, and made the final decision about the hiker's pack.  A couple of days ago, my wonderful teacher-friend, Ms. Morgan Flagg, aka la Srta. Bandera :), gave me her hiker's pack to borrow for my trip.  This pack has seen its way through all kinds of hiking trips and even made it through Italy with her.  She's one of my go-to people for all things outdoorsy and she's a trooper just like I hope to be. 

Ms. Morgan Flagg
La Srta. Bandera

I am so grateful for all her help!  (She also gave me a book to read-and, boy, it's a long set of flights there and back!)  When taking a look this morning at her hiker's pack and the one that that my mother picked up for me...there definitely was a standout.

Las dos mochilas en frente del mapa en mi comedor.

La mochila roja y negra grande gana...The cool thing about it is that it's actually two-in-one.  The top separates and I'm still undecided about whether or not I'm going to check my bag.  There are also straps that will hold my sleeping bag and pillow.  Also, I have a feeling that this trip is going to spark an interest in more outdoorsy, hiking adventures and la Srta. Bandera and I both better have our own packs!

This is it for 11 to EMS and to pair down the load. 

Still accepting advice if any of you have any!  I could especially use some more advice for those 4 days without modern facilities:

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  1. Yay!!! Love you! So excited, be safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!